International Center @ Jeju National University (Ara Campus), Jeju, Korea

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제주대학교 아라캠퍼스 국제교류회관으로 가주세요.

└ My destination is the International Center at Jeju National University (JNU) Ara Campus.

국제교류회관 대표전화 ☎ 064-754-2491

└ For more information on how to get to the JNU International Center, please call the Center’s reception desk on ☎ 064-754-2491.

비상 시에는 남세진 씨에게 ☎ 010-8457-0953으로 연락 부탁드립니다.

└ In case of emergency, please call Miss. Sejin Nam on ☎ 010-8457-0953.

  • 예상 소요시간 : 약 30분

  • Estimated Duration of Travel : Approximately 30 minutes

  • 예상 요금 : 약 20,000원 (약 20달러)

  • Estimated Fare : Approximately 20,000 KRW (Equivalent to 20 USD)

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  • Geomun Parasitic Volcanic Cone

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