Main Theme of the Hackathon :

is to improve each and every module in the current OKBQA pipeline for solving challenging questions.

For each day,

(1) we choose 3 - 5 challenging questions to which the current OKBQA framework cannot find correct answers,

(2) find out where the problems are,

(3) and solve the problems.

In this way, we can improve the performance of current OKBQA pipeline step-by-step every day.

Free Theme of the Hackathon :

is to develop other new strategies that can help improve the current OKBQA framework.

Participants with ideas and expertise may work on various tasks.

For example,

  • Visualization : Current OKBQA framework outputs a list of URIs or literals as an answer to a given query. However, rendering the results in a more visual form, e.g., graph, table, and so on, may be useful for a more user-friendly interface.

  • Flexible Workflows : Current OKBQA framework assumes the execution order of modules to be Template Generation, Disambiguation and Query Generation. However, there is no evidence that it is an optimal order, and it is expected that there may be a good chance for improvement by a more flexible workflow. For example, one may try disambiguation before template generation, or even after answer generation. Even, one may come up with a completely new type of modules.

  • Guided Input (Controlled Input) : Since natural language processing can never be perfect, guiding the user input can be a complementing solution, so that entry of very complex natural language expressions may be avoided.

  • Different Application Cases : One may try applying the OKBQA framework to other various applications. For example, a database or a document collection on regional travel guidance, traffic information, products information may be used as a knowledge base, and a QA system may be implemented for the knowledge base.

* Main theme of each day could be changed depending on the progress of hacking and attendants' proposals.