Template generation

REST service

Updated service running on: http://ws.okbqa.org:1515/templategeneration/rocknrole

(One service for both English and Korean.)

Note: Currently the service is running with Stanford NER (for English) deactivated. In order to start the service as intended, stop it, run git stash and git stash drop, and then restart it.

Two options for JSON interface.


  • Input: { "string": "Which river flows through Seoul?", "language": "en" }

  • Output: [ { "query": "...", "slots": [...], "score": 1.0 } ]


  • Input: { "string": "Which river flows through Seoul?", "language": "en", "entities": [ ... ] }

  • Output: { "string": "Which river flows through Seoul?", "language": "en", "entities": [ ... ], "templates": [ { "query": "...", "slots": [...], "score": 1.0 } ] }


Added to OKBQA Repository as TGM v2 (and renamed the service from last year to TGM v1).

Documentation of the rule format was added to the GitHub repository: https://github.com/okbqa/rocknrole/tree/master/src/main/resources/rules

Korean template generation

you can check attached slide