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This page lists relevant resources to the OKBQA hackathon with specification to the contact person.


  • LODQA - Natural language query processing system over LOD (Jin-Dong Kim, Kevin Cohen)
  • TBSL - Template-based Question Answering over RDF data

Text Annotation

  • PubDictionaries - Dictionary-based text and term annotation (Jin-Dong Kim)
  • NCBO Annotator - Annotates text using bioportal ontologies using exact or substring matches. (Michel Dumontier)
  • DBpedia Spotlight - Looks for ~3.5M things of unknown or ~320 known types in text and tries to link them to their global unique identifiers in DBpedia.

Ontology Search

  • BioPortal - Searches the repository of 6M terms in 375+ ontologies. (Michel Dumontier)
  • OntoFinder - Biomedical ontology search and term collection (Jin-Dong Kim)
KBs and Linked Open Data Projects 
Relevant Subsets

Benchmark Data

  • QALD
  • BioASQ
  • NLQ50
    • English/Korean 50 questions
    • Question-Answer pair (and, relevant snippets for Korean only)
    • Data
      • Raw data (JSON): click
      • Easy to see data (JSON): click
  • NLQ1 (Training data set for shared task)
    • English/Korean 40 questions
    • Question-SPARQL pair
    • Data
      • Raw data (JSON): click
      • Easy to see data(JSON): click
    • NLQ1-test (Testing data for shared task) will release next OKBQA Hackathon
  • MERS Queries

Tutorial Data